Friday, August 15, 2008


A few days ago I posted this picture on Flickr and noted that Minuet was mad at me because I decided against a dollhouse for my birthday. She fears she will be homeless forever, not to mention she has no rement (mini food) or little doodads to keep her company. Yesterday, I walked into my study/craft room to find Minuet face down on the floor. She had jumped off the bookcase and out of her stand!!! I have heard of other Blythe owners experiencing strange things with their dolls, and now I believe! Minuet really is mad at me and has gone to extremes to get my attention.

I did take her hair out of the braids and it looks a bit better than it did when she came out of the box, but there is still work to do.


Anonymous said...

I love Blythe dolls, but I don't think I could ever have one simply for the creepy stories I've heard!

Anonymous said...

Well...maybe Minuet was just trying to come visit her Auntie Lisa! I have a few little things made for her but not sure if they will fit because I don't have a Blythe model. Watch for a nice little flat fold envelope sometime next week. It will have some goodies for Minuet...from her Auntie Lisa!

mermaid musings said...

cute little thing and sweet you!!!