Thursday, July 15, 2010

Love List

tea and laughs with friends/a box full of craft supplies/a surprise antique typewriter and a/beautiful book on faeries/bubble tea/visits from family/singing and dancing in the car with my sister/cheesy waiters/my new bling ring and sparkly gold wallet/Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Now Shimmering Body Lotion/Benefit's High Beam and Benetint/Gala Darling's Love & Sequins (I bought #1 about self-love and it's amazing!)/Kandee and her fabulous makeup tutorials/vintage lingerie photographs/the many cute things my boyfriend says, one being "give me 10 to 15 minutes before you go to bed to cuddle."/the head, shoulders, knees & toes issue of i-d/hot pink nailpolish/taking my sis to Nia class and dancing our butts off