Who is Ophelia B?

Hello! I'm Cassandra Key (aka Ophelia Blooming)

I call myself a fairy changeling because I've never quite felt human. You should have seen my mother's face when I told her that I was part of a race of fairies that had stolen her real daughter and left me as a replacement. I think there was a hint of belief in her eyes.

I believe in keeping my inner child fully alive and open to the wonders of this world - especially the everyday things that seem to lose their appeal as we get older. I look at things with a bit of sparkle in my eyes and I've always said there is glitter in my veins. 

I lovelovelove to write and dance and read books by the dozens. A few of my favorite things: poetry, Nia, chapstick, wings, Francesca Lia Block's magical stories, the ocean, the desert, painting, browsing bookstores (esp. the ones tucked in corners that house books that have that wonderful old paper smell), day dreaming, and a good spot of tea in a pretty tea cup. 

Other randomness about me:
  • I'm a classically trained ballet dancer and certified Nia instructor.
  • I've self-published a short book of poetry called Self-Destruction of a Female; am a wedding blogger for Trueblue, Nirvana Photography Studio, and write wedding articles for San Antonio Bride magazine; have also been published in Wild Sister, Eva Mag and various literary magazines and newspapers. I won 2nd place in the Writer's Digest short fiction competition for my literary piece Letters to a Rock Star.
  • By the time you read this I'm probably living on a small island in the Philippines with my boyfriend of almost four years, Jason.
  • I maintain another blog called The Sacred Middle. It's all about honoring the present, path creating and occasional writing inspiration.