Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Writing for Me

Ophelia Blooming ~ my quiet spot, my little bubbling brook surrounded by shade trees and flowers. 

I don't write here often because I'm always over in Sacred Middle land trying to figure out all that and holding my megaphone trying to get people's attention and I get burned out sometimes.

Sometimes I just want to write for me, and I know you're reading this too, but this writing is different than the "big blog" writing. This is a whisper, a secret between us. This is us sitting in our favorite cafe, talking about our dreams, trying to figure out what the hell we're doing here on earth.

I quit my job over a year ago to freelance write. I enjoy writing about different things and want to dive a little deeper into guest posting and magazine articles. But then there's the big blog and me trying to create stuff and this whole other world I'm involved in and creating. I feel like I'm living two lives.

It's all kind of confusing and out of focus. And then there's the me who wants to write a book, but can't get disciplined enough to do it because I have all this other stuff I'm trying to do. 

I want to stay off the internet for awhile, clear my head. There are so many voices.

I pulled The Hermit card today and it said just that. Get quiet, get still, go into hiding. 

I don't know if that's entirely possible right now, but soon. 

Thank you for meeting me here, reading, listening. Always showing up even after I'm gone for awhile. It's just different here and I like that.

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