Saturday, February 28, 2009

I love being able to stop and see. Everything. All the details we're too busy to notice when we're in our heels click-clacking across corporate floors, answering telephones, doing laundry. But today I went to my creative space and lay on the floor and saw the bottom of a mosaic plate illuminated by a cluster of candles sitting on top. I thought, wow. The world's beauty is in soap bubbles, little specks of dust, galaxy shards, tiny things swept under the rugs that we stomp on day after day because we're too busy to notice small treasures. That's what I hate about life. That even when I'm not busy, I'm busy. The busy ghost presses his hands into my back and pushes me one way or the other to do this or that. I want to stop to see, to think, to breathe. I want to put my ear to the soil and listen for the ants. I want to daydream, fly a kite, run my hands through thick, green grass. But there's so much noise. So much pushing. I enjoy hearing nothing but the tick-tock of the clock. That and the sound of my heart, which tells me that, yes, I am still alive. Not a zombie, not a robot, not a girl caged between fluorescent lit walls.

Monday, February 16, 2009

nineteen and under

photo by gasolinexrain

dear glossy cover girl
with poetry written on your hands
how did you get to be friends
with goddess muse hero woman
did you tell her you are sad
did you tell her you feel fat
and that boys hate you
that you are not popular
even though you have Cosmo hair
a button nose, raspberry gloss-covered lips
i could have been you, too
so many years ago
but i guess i'm all washed up now
just another girl grown up
no more kittens in the clouds
no pukka shells framing my collar bone
muse goddess wants no part of that
she is old herself
looking for a wishing well
inside your palms
poetry like pennies
a thousand broken hearts
and she has to save them
she has to cradle the babies
who write stories about faeries
but she cannot save me
i have expired

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Quick Hello

I just wanted to pop in and say please forgive my absence as of late! Last week I was in Texas visiting family and came back with an upper respiratory infection, which has kept me out of sorts. I'll be back soon with a better post :)