Monday, February 16, 2009

nineteen and under

photo by gasolinexrain

dear glossy cover girl
with poetry written on your hands
how did you get to be friends
with goddess muse hero woman
did you tell her you are sad
did you tell her you feel fat
and that boys hate you
that you are not popular
even though you have Cosmo hair
a button nose, raspberry gloss-covered lips
i could have been you, too
so many years ago
but i guess i'm all washed up now
just another girl grown up
no more kittens in the clouds
no pukka shells framing my collar bone
muse goddess wants no part of that
she is old herself
looking for a wishing well
inside your palms
poetry like pennies
a thousand broken hearts
and she has to save them
she has to cradle the babies
who write stories about faeries
but she cannot save me
i have expired


Khaled KEM said...

I like the conclusion of the poem!

Maggie May said...

this is so sad, so real!!!

Anonymous said...

beautiful. i love "poetry like pennies."

lissa said...

interesting, like a letter to oneself, a sort of farewell perhaps, to our youth or at least our wild side?

Gabriel Gadfly said...

I love the opening lines. This was a really well-written piece.