Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Book Update

Dear Hilda,
I thought it might be good for me to say hello, as I have not thought of you or Ezra for quite some time. Other friends characters and stories have pushed their way through. It was inevitable, was it not? I don't feel bad about putting you in the backseat. I mean, you're still in the car, right? There are just other things that need to be taken care of before I can focus on you and Ezra. I think it's best that I take a break from Ezra anyway. I'm sure you agree, as you know how persistent he can be. And rude.

Anyhow, I still care dearly for you and will return to you again...someday. Who knows. Maybe this letter will find you in the most ambitious state and you'll climb over the car seats and ride shotgun again.


1 comment:

mermaid musings said...

this is good and hilarious!
i find myself apologizing to my books lately quite often ;-)