Thursday, October 15, 2009

Life Magic

"Whatever you focus on will become your reality."
~Laura Bushnell

I'm reading a book by Laura Bushnell called Life Magic, and through it I'm learning a lot about manifestation and focusing my thoughts and changing my attitude. It seems to be working. Yesterday was a testament to the magic life provides if you focus your words and thoughts on positive things and things you want.

Small "coincidences" I noticed yesterday and today:

1) I was in the car listening to the radio and really wanted to hear a certain song that's not played often. I just kept saying in my mind that I wanted that song to be the next song played, and guess what? It was the next song played!

2) My boyfriend and I were having a discussion about getting things organized and how he wanted to create a space specifically for his and his roommate's motorcycle gear, so that it wouldn't be strewn across the floor. We left the apartment for a little while and when we came back his roommate had put hooks in the wall for their jackets and helmets.

3) Another radio incident. There was a second song I wanted to be played and just for extra oomph I decided it should be played on a radio station I hardly listen to. That way I knew I wasn't aware of their rotations. In fact, I wasn't even sure if the band was in their rotation. I turned to that station and guess what? THAT SONG WAS PLAYING!

4) Today, while looking for jobs online, I wished that I could work in the library. No library positions have been open since I started job hunting in May. I decided it was worth a glance today and what do you know? A library position had been posted and today was the last day to apply.

Positive vibrations? Manifestation? Coincidence? A change in attitude and outlook? It doesn't matter. It makes me smile. :)

More life magic to come...

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Michelle Johnson said...

one can't help but love life's magic when it comes knocking at their door. i love when things like this just happen out of nowhere. it makes a day seem a little brighter, doesn't it? have a great day.

hope you get that library job too.

Suzyhayze said...


Sarah Von said...

Lovely! Hope all the goodness continues! :)

Anonymous said...


Can I have some?

Magic, of course. Or can I cook it somehow, like in the over or something. Errr, sheesh I want more than songs, but it's a start.

Anonymous said...

Manifesting is about focus yes.
but magic in a silly sense does not exist.
Everybody has a Spirit that dwells inside of them. The Spirit is located in the navel area. Wisdom and Power are part of the Spirit.
Anyone can tap into their innate telepathy, b/c it is part of Spirit.
Try to AAAAAAAAAAhhhh meditation with a manifesting board for faster results. It is easily found on the web.
What you think about you will attract to you. Staying "Neutral positive" is the best way for out lives.
Talk to your Spirit daily, tell you Spirit want you what, and then ask your Spirit what you want. Simply by saying the word,,"Spirit", you are then in direct contact with your own Spirit. It is that easy, there are no magical formulas for talking to your own Spirit, you have access every moment of your life, to Create in Spirit.

You should check out Lady Rhea's magical candle book, for even greater focus. Lady Rhea is from Bushnell own original Coven! Lady Rhea is the most powerful witch in the world, in the witches circle. Bushnell is a Wiccan, and those are all Wiccan spells, some made up, some real, in her book. Lady Rhea of New York is the woman who taught Bushnell everything she knows and writes about. Bushnell has much gratitude towards Lady Rhea for passing on her great knowledge.

Good Luck to you in you manifesting endeavors!
Remember to manifest World Peace, and an end to starvation too, since you are so good at it already!
Keep us posted!!

Anonymous said...

CORRECTION,,Bushnell is from Lady Rhea's coven, NOT the other way around.
Lady Rhea's was Lady Bushnell teacher.

thank you for letting the correction post.

Lady Bushnell practices Lady Rhea's candle magic b/c IT WORKS.
it is easily bought on the web, and it an excellent way to focus.

Talk to the sky when you talk to your Spirit. Look for the Eyes of Creation. The Eyes of Creation are real, and easily seen with a little work. The Creation is looking for you, just like one is looking for It, in everything.
I typed incorrectly the formula,,,which is Tell the Sky what you want that day, then Ask the Sky what you want that day. In that order. Watch how quickly you become in tune with your own manifesting power. One is manifesting whether they are conscious of it or not.

When you talk to the sky, you are really in essence, looking into a mirror and telling that mirror what to reflect back. It was manifest what you tell it. There is no other way.
Your Spirit is a drop of the Creation that lives inside of you.
It is your connection to the Being we live inside.
Ask the Sky/your Spirit,,,for more awareness and use of your telepathy; to heal your thinking on a matter; ask for love; ask for ABUNDANCE.
Abundance is better than money, b/c you get what you need.

You are a manifesting magnet!
Live the Dream.

Anonymous said...

and what one eats has a direct link to their clearness of their thoughts and inner messages.

try the ahhhhhh meditation, with the gold light, for manifesting. It works very very quickly, used alongside a manifesting board.

Maybe I will post instructions on your site. or try to find your private email.
I have used the manifesting board for years, I have manifested cars, jobs, trips, jewelry, a business, ect.
Once you use the board for awhile, you can learn how manifest literally in seconds!