Friday, December 11, 2009

So I was thinking today about how my head is full of characters. Beautiful, wonderful, exciting characters. But none of them have stories. How do I write the stories? Where are they? I sit and I write, I sit and I write, and all that comes out is pages upon pages of character description. I can't make these people do anything!!!


Suzyhayze said...

Next you need a place, think about some amazing place you've seen or wondered about... a place that fascinates you.

Put the people in a place and they will do stuff.

Trust the Suzy.....

Anonymous said...

your poetry is very good.
maybe put together a poetry book,

then your characters can feel
your feelings

Anonymous said...

how 'bout that phoenix rising picture and the poem, dream?
that would look great in a poetry book, with pictures alongside

very good indeed.

dreams are like poems
when you write them out.

a medicine woman told me once to
write down all my dreams, and then as i write them down, first thing in the morning, i will learn new lessons.
and its true.
your dreams connect to you to your Spirit, and its gently guidance in inside of the dreams.

Ask your Spirit to guide your writing.
Spirit dwells in the tummy area.
I am a song writer, who had a song on the radio last year, and I ask Spirit to give me my songs, and they come.
You can ask too, for your special stories,poems,and dreams that are only yours to tell.

The Sky is talking every day, if
you listen,
The White Witch.

Maija said...

Well, if they do come to life on paper, I'd love to read them!!
Merry Christmas CAssandra!!

Kate @ Très Lola said...

Write what you feel. If all you feel for now is the character, then that is what you need to write. Then keep the character descriptions tucked away for when you are dreaming of stories. You can't push creativity, it comes as it will - harness what is in your mind and the rest will follow.

Anonymous said...

to the beautiful one,

and the light shone down
you were one in a dream
two in a web,
three in a scene
right from a fairy tale
and you were the maiden dancing
lighting up the forest floor
with your small feet
like golden drops
making the leaves shine

rachel awes said...

i found your blog through abc creativity...appreciate your honesty and wisdom and life poetry! wishing you ongoing inspiration with your characters/writing/joy!

Rubyfire writes said...

I know what you mean - I have the same conundrum. Have six characters, have a setting - and now I'm trying to figure out what actually happens to them. What helps me move forward with the action is knowing what each character wants. That way I can instigate movement that will help take the characters where they need to go. Kind of like a row of dominos - what happens to make the first one fall over and set the whole row in motion? Does that make sense to you?

Wine in Thyme said...

It happens to all artists.