Friday, April 23, 2010

if you love something...

image via we heart it

A bird came to me
its wings open and tender,
its heart beating fast
from falling.

So I cared for the bird
for many days,
wrapped its wings,
held it in my hands.

Until one day
it wanted to fly away.
And I cried and cried
because I had grown
to love the bird,
but it had healed
and didn’t need me anymore.

So I held it close,
one more time,
to hear its wings
against my heart.
Then I set it free,
hoping that someday
it would come back to me.


Haley said...

wow, so tender, so sincere.

this is simple and lovely, and I love it, Cass.. really moved me!

Caroline Cakewise said...

Divine, and true, too. Beautifully put as always! And I love the Lehman poem too. My picture to dive into it is John Martin's The Plains of Heaven, I think - what a great question!! xx

Nithin R S said...

Touching.I cared couple of sparrows after a fall,but they didn't survive longer.What you told about birds is same with humans.We may care with love,but when they recover and go for their dreams,they wont need us.They might not even come back to see once.That is what this life stands for.Nothing is permanent.We have to keep moving on.Nice poetry.