Thursday, June 19, 2008

my, how the days do fly...

What have I been up to? Plenty! More than I can write about - or care to take time to write about. That's awful, really, coming from someone who has a blog (in which to write in), but I find myself posting more pictures about my life than actually writing about it. That's okay, I suppose.

-Tidbits from last weekend-

Some of my family came to visit (Mom, Stepdad, Grandmother). I hadn't seen them in a year! I left Texas last June. Packed my little, blue Ford Focus (stuffed really) and drove to Florida. Three months later it was off to Tennessee, but that is another story. Back to the weekend festivities.

I finally got to give my mom and nana their Mother's Day presents - dreamboxes altered with paper scrap and embellishments.

We spent lots of time in the mountains.

At one point we were driving along the winding roads for what seemed like forever, not knowing where we were headed. My boyfriend had never been passed a certain point on this particular drive, so not even he knew where the road was headed. A serendipitous trip it turned out to be because we ended up at the North Carolina state line! Everyone had a good laugh about that. (I will have pictures soon.)

My nana spoiled me with this lovely birdcage, which she decorated with greenery, flowers, and tiny nests.

It needs a little bird, or an egg perhaps?

One night I came home to a glass full of freshly picked flowers (Nana's idea). I had never thought about picking flowers from the rosebush (because it technically belongs to the apt. complex), but what a difference even a small bouquet will bring to a room. I might sneak a few more in the future ;)


AnastasiaC said...

great pictures!!!
i love the altered gifts you gave - im sure they loved them!!

almostgotit said...

Gorgeous gift boxes! And nifty nana, sounds like, too. Can I come be part of YOUR family? :)

Cassandra said...

Thank you, almostgotit! Yes, my family is pretty nifty. Are you up for adoption? :P

Maija said...

The mountain photos are glorious! I love the shrines you made for Mother's Day!