Friday, July 25, 2008

Get to work...

Everyday I get a lovely and inspring poem sent to my inbox via Poetry Chaikhana. These lines, from today's poem "Screening its face amongst lotus stalks," particularly spoke to me:

Let no obstacle stand in your way;
get to work --
you are young and fresh.
Break this fake sleep and snap out of your dreams

I am always in a dream state, and this state usually consists of grandeur dreams of fame and fortune. Yes, my first novella will most certainly be the talk of the town, must be written first :)


almostgotit said...

Reminds me of this:

The worst thing that you've ever written
is still better
than the best thing you've never written.

So (1) fear not the shitty first draft stage and (2) get going!

the butterfly collector said...

well this sounds familiar! All those drawings in my head need to touch done on paper! said...

HAHA!! hear hear ;) Happy Sparkly day!! And, I like to say, Snap Into your dreams, and walk into them morphing them into reality!! HUGS! Happy DAY!! V

mermaid musings said...

love this and i am bookmarking this link for sure