Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I was tagged, quite some time ago, by Tee's Closet and am now just getting around to the reply! The challenge is to share five facts about myself, so here you go:

1. I am always going through phases. Any close friend or family member can name most of the phases I have gone through because they probably had to endure countless hours of random facts about said phases. Each one was like a crush I couldn't stop talking about. It was all about The Lion King and Casper (the new Casper - remember? With Christina Ricci?) in my childhood days. There was also the chess phase in which I spent too much time reading books about Bobby Fischer's game against so-and-so. No one can forget the NASA phase (??), the let's-be-dead-people phase (???), and the punk and surfer girl phase (not at the same time). There were a few others mixed in, but I'm onto the French phase as we speak. How long it will last - no one knows. The real question is, what will I do with all the French decorations I've acquired when I'm over it?

2. The praying mantis is the devil's spawn. I had a very traumatic experience as a kid - I was sitting in a tree, just as cheery as could be, when I looked down at the branch behind me and saw an icky, green demon staring straight into my eyes. The thing was looking straight at me!!! Perhaps it was trying to steal my soul. I cannot even look at one in pictures now.

3. I hatehatehate green peas, tomatoes, and caramel.

4. I became a vegetarian at age 18, but not because I felt sorry for the cows or because meat is bad, but because I just didn't like it. Shortly after, I got sick from not eating well enough, so I decided I'd only eat 2 legged animals. I can handle chicken and turkey.

5. I would love to live in a little cottage by the sea.

Now it's your turn, if you'd like a challenge. Have fun :)


mermaid musings said...

I live by the sea and love it, I also (sorry!) LOVE tomatoes too much ;-)
and peas, too,

Maija said...

I'm with you on the praying mantis!