Friday, October 3, 2008


You Are Stalking
You tend to be very obsessive. Once you focus your attention on something or someone, it's all you think about.
You are also very secretive. People don't know much about the life that you lead.

You are attracted to weak people. You may want to prey on them, but you also may just want to help them.
You need attention, and you can get desperate if you aren't getting attention from the right person. You'll do about anything to get noticed.

I have to laugh because I actually have been a stalker! The most memorable was the time my best friend and I had a crush on a juggler we saw at a small town Texas festival. Yes, a juggler. We were about 14 and he was probably in his 20s. We never actually talked to the guy at the festival. No, we went home and began the research. Somehow we found information about his juggling troupe at the library in some magazines (wow, research before massive internet usage). We found his name and where he went to college. That led us to where he might possibly live, which in turn led us to the phonebook. There were a few guys with the same name, so we called all of them! The right guy was the last guy we least, we *think* it was the right guy. He seemed either drunk and/or stoned at the time, but we had a whole coversation with him. All I remember him talking about was his camping trip and how he might have been juggling, but wasn't sure if he was the right guy. ??? Yeah, pretty sure he was stoned.

ANYway, that's my awesome stalking story. Please, don't be scared :P


almostgotit said...

Only thing I'm scared about is my daughter doing the same thing when *she* is 14! :) said...

I'm a fraud with a sordid past!! eeks.