Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hey gang!

Check me out on Thirteen Myna Birds today! My poem "I Heart California" has joined the latest formation, along with a photo of my fresh ink.

Thirteen Myna Birds is an online publication run by Juliet Cook, who also runs Blood Pudding Press. She describes TMB as "an online poetry publication seeking the evocative, the connotative, the creepy, the odd, the paranormal, and the dark." It's a flight formation of delicious poetry, so check it out!


Crafty Green Poet said...

congratulations! I enjoyed your poem. it looks like an interesting publication too, I'll have a longer look sometime soon!

Pixie July said...

My heart seeks me in all seasons... I love this almost as much as the Rimbaud quotes and your tattoo. Of all the lines to have on your skin forever - what a choice! Tattoos fascinate me, beautiful ones like this, that is - ones that mean something and say so much about who you are. You must get such a thrill every time you look at it! Poems running across your skin and in your bloodstream, that's how I think of my favourite lines... Inspiring! xx