Saturday, May 23, 2009

Road to Somewhere

I'm beginning to feel like I live out of boxes.

Tomorrow I'm on the road again...

photo by bubbo-tubbo

Walking down the Mercer Street
Been a long hot summer

Rain like daggers comin' down on me

Got a feeling it's too late

But alone together

Could be we might start it up all over again

Dream dream it's not too late

Sweet road to somewhere else

Listen to the radio
Are you calling

3 o'clock I'm on my way
On the road to somewhere

Little clouds like wounds that blow away

Listening to the radio like a friend that guides me

Playing out every song we used to know

Bring it on

Come along

On the road to somewhere

Take our time

See the signs

On the road to somewhere



positively present said...

I love "Road to Somewhere" -- what a great post and a great song. I've never heard that one (but I've heard other songs by them) and I'm going to have to check it out. Great blog! :)

Anonymous said...

Did you write this? I haven't heard it before, but the previous comment makes me think perhaps these are lyrics.

Are you a traveler?

I am a wandering, vagabondish poet blogging poetry from Istanbul. I'm hoping to connect with like-minded artistic souls.

I'd like to backlink you. What do you say?

Either way, hope you'll drop in some time to say hello. I LOVE the photos you use on your blog.