Thursday, November 12, 2009

Phoenix Rising

I dreamed of a phoenix rising -
red and yellow feathers like fire in the sky.
The sun made a halo around her head.

She went to a pool of water to drink.
A coyote sat in front of her -
angry and showing teeth.

She opened her great beak
and swallowed him.
I watched her fly away.

According to this website and several others, to dream of a phoenix is a good sign.

"In Greek mythology, the Phoenix was a bird with great beauty, splendor and longevity. The legend tells us that the Phoenix lived for five hundred years and then retreated to make a nest where she would die. She made a nest of aromatic twigs that would burn from the heat of its own body. The Phoenix is said to rise from its own ashes. It comes alive though the transforming power of fire and it lives again in full splendor. In the Middle Ages, the Phoenix was often used as a symbol for Christ, as he resurrected. This legendary bird is an archetypal dream symbol that brings us positive and powerful images of rebirth. If you dream of the Phoenix, it is most likely that you are receiving message from the unconscious that are telling you that new life and new beginnings are always possible. This bird is a reminder that we have internal powers of regeneration and that we have the power to change things for the better. As you are interpreting this dream, try to visualize a great bird rising up from fire and ash. It is a powerful image, whether produced by a dream or visualization."

Maybe she represents my journey. Maybe I will rise from the ashes. Maybe the coyote is another side of me. The side that is weak, lacking in ambition, deceptive, fearful. The phoenix swallows the coyote and flies away. The stronger part of myself rises above the weakness.

I hope this is true. I've just had a bit of bad news concerning a job I really wanted and worked hard to get. I didn't get it. I feel like I am on the verge of a mental breakdown. I hope I do see the phoenix rise.

Photo by: EHE1985


Anonymous said...

i think it is a very good dream to tell you to rise above.
you can do it.
i once almost died, well a few times, and i almost was killed by a seriel killer, and here i am.

you are beautiful and strong.

stay in the flow.

write down your dreams every night, and as you write them, you can see into their meaning.

you are not your feelings, feelings come and go, feel them then let them go. you are not your feelings, they are there to guide you, and destroy you.

chin up, pretty girl.

Anonymous said...

it was supposed to read,,,

""your feelings are to guide you NOT
destroy you""


Hey Lady! said...

Plus, in "Harry Potter" Dumbldore's Phoenix "Fawkes" represents new beginning AND he's magic. So, it's got to be a good sign.

In all seriousness, this post is beautiful and inspiring, as is the picture above. Congrats on the new job, apparently God or the universe wants good things for you!

Anonymous said...

Hey, go easy on coyote.