Sunday, November 8, 2009

Things I Have Thought

~We are all connected in that we are all on different paths. I think that's extraordinary!

~Tonight I realized how full of abundance my life really is. I am surrounded by people who love me and support me, by people who bake me cupcakes and offer their home to me. I have friends to laugh with and family who help me out in times of need. I have a boyfriend who brings me presents because he loves me and thinks about me when we're apart. All of this is worth so much more than lots of money or a job. If I had those things and none of the people in my life, I feel I would be quite miserable.

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Anonymous said...


Abundance is wealth, real wealth.

Nobody needs to be rich,
shelter, food, air, water, clothing,
these are things we need.

The rest is gravy.

Just saying the word Creation, or chanting the word Creation or Spirit, raises your vibration.
Thank Creation for abundance and tell the Creation out loud every day, that you are ready to sing your own song, and ready to accept all the abundance that the Creation will give you.
Open your arms to the Sky, embrace Your Spirit and life. Thank your Spirit every day.

Easy meditation to perk up our connection is to take a 3 minutes break and think of your breath, a flower, and a running stream.

Flowers and Crystals have amazing healing powers.

Water will amplify your thoughts, tell the shower water in the morning what you want, or send a message to someone thru water.

Creation smiles when you smile. It is your reflection, and we are here in the manifesting belt.
Our spirits are blue in essence.
Think Blue, or White, or Gold.

Purple is not a high vibration color like people think, it is the color of a dead body.

Blue and Gold for manifesting.
White every day around you for protection.

Feel your Spirit in your navel area.
Relate to people Spirit to Spirit.
See the difference.

Many Blessings to you, and a blessing sent to you for abundance showering down on you, and filling your cup.

Suzyhayze said...

Beautiful. Somethings in the air. It's a grateful month.