Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I feel like I'm moving into a sacred light.

A divine space where I am guided, inspired, strengthened. 

There was a moment today when everything around me just kind of disappeared and I felt a great sense of gratitude, like my spirit had settled into my bones and sighed. 

Tomorrow is a day off and I'm going to juice it for all it's worth.

Maybe I'll finish the painting of the girl with turquoise hair.

Maybe I'll write something for The Sacred Middle.

I've been thinking about circles lately and how they play such a huge part in nature and in everyday life. I want to draw a mandala that represents the sacred middle. I want to start a women's circle where I can connect with other women and share secrets, thoughts, tears, and laughter.

Circles are everywhere - they are the thumbprint of God.

And isn't it magic that we are made of galaxies and fire and earth and stars? 

What things are on your mind?



Naquillity said...

hope you have a wonderful day off. may you enjoy whatever inspires you. have a great night... Happy 4th to you~

Jo Macdonald said...

Circles have so much power and offer so much support. Good luck with starting your own I'm sure it will be beautiful. Jo x

gloss_e said...

I've never heard that before, but it's so true - Circles are the thumbprint of God! What a beautiful, inspiring post.

Cassandra said...

They really are, gloss_e! I see them everywhere, more so lately. Sacred circles for sure.