Monday, July 30, 2012

Calling All Creative Goddesses

Hello creative goddesses!

I have something extra special to share with you today. 

Leonie Dawson's Creative Goddess E-course!

Have you heard of Leonie Dawson or the Goddess Guidebook? It's a magical place where you can create, play, connect, share, learn, inspire, be inspired! 

The Creative Goddess E-course is about all this and more, and you have TWO days left to sign up. When you do, you get access to a treasure chest of guided meditations, colorful workbooks, videos, and the goddess forum where you can share your creative journey with others.

I love, love, love all of Leonie's creations and highly recommend this course if you're feeling creatively stuck, want to get back into making art, enjoy artsy things, or don't think you have a creative bone in your body. You do! 

Want to know more?

The Creative Goddess e-Course is a powerful, spirited way for you to experience creativity in a whole new way. The e-course is six weeks to discover the Creative Goddess in you.
* Every week you will be assigned Creative Goddess projects to do for the week in a range of creative mediums ~ you will be exploring new ways of creating and connecting with the gorgeous soul, wisdom & beauty inside you.
Six hand-drawn, illustrated and painted ebooks and three sets of worksheets guiding you on creating art as a sacred practice, how to find healing on your journey, walking through your stucknesses, how to create sacred space and discovering the Goddess in you.
Six videos each week from me and Charlie the Happy Healer Dog guiding you on the next part of your Creative Goddess journey.
Six guided 30 minute MP3 goddess meditations by me to work with for each part of the course. These are incredibly powerful resources, and are worth the price of the course alone.
Sounds awesome, right? So what are you waiting for? Click the image below to start your creative journey!

P.S. I am an affiliate of this course, which means I get a percent of the profit when you purchase. So, Leonie gets paid for her awesome work, I get a little moola for helping spread the love, and you get a whole lot of creative goodness! It's a win-win-win :)

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