Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dream Catcher

Now that I'm self-employed, I spend a lot of time in my art/zen room creating, writing, looking up at these flags. 

I watch the sun shift its light through the window; my dog sleeps on my lap while I look for freelance work; I take tea breaks and read Pink Smog by Francesca Lia Block and remember how utterly beautiful her writing is. 

These days are good, quiet, busy. These days are the ones I dreamed of many months ago, so it's only natural that I would start worrying about losing them. 

I try not to think about it though, and I do the best work I can do and relish each dreamy moment. 

Today I finished my second ebook, Keep Walking - A Journey Through the Deserts of Life. Throughout the whole writing process the words just flowed, so I know this book was meant to be. There are people out there who need this information. I needed it! I wrote it to help me figure out how to get through the transitional periods in life. I wrote it because I needed to be my own cheerleader, my own guide through what felt like a massive desert that I was never getting out of. 

If this sounds like something that might help you, pop on over to The Sacred Middle and get your free copy. 

Right now I'm listening to a beautiful song of chimes and flute called Dreamcatcher by Angels of Venice. There's something about the sound of chimes that brings peace. I think of light breezes and daydreaming by tiny waterfalls. 

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