Sunday, March 3, 2013

Dear Ophelia Blooming

I miss you.

I've abandoned you far too many times, but I always come back. You're like a favorite old book that gets tossed to the side. The one with all the beautiful pictures and concert stubs and life lessons.

I forget about you and the small things, the poetry, the bits and pieces of stories left untold.

I forget because I'm too busy thinking about business and tribes and what I'm supposed to be blogging about elsewhere.

I love that place, I do, but you are my first love. We go back like best friends. You came into my life before the sh*t hit the fan and life went all topsy turvy. It wasn't bad though.

So now I'm all grown up, but still walking in circles, it seems, trying to find that sweet spot in life. There are younger people than I doing some pretty cool stuff and I have to wonder where the eff I went wrong, but we're not supposed to compare, right?

I'm sorry if I abandon you again, but just know that you're on my mind from time to time. And I'll always come back.



Naquillity said...

i feel this way about my blog. i keep abandoning it but love it so much that i keep coming back over and again... hope my readers understand as much as my blog, :) hope all is well.

Cassandra said...

The true tribe will always come back to read :)

jennifer anderson said...

I like your blog