Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Thing About Adventure

More hammock days to come.

The thing about adventure is that it brings up all kinds of emotions: fear, excitement, sadness. 

Fear of the unknown, excitement for what's to come, sadness for what's left behind. 

It's been almost two years since I wrote this post about my call to adventure. And it's been six years since I first wrote down my big, impossible dream. 

Yes, six years ago I wrote in my journal that my dream was to move to an island, not have to have a day job, write all day long, and be with a man who truly loved me. 

At the time, I didn't think any of that was possible. Live by the ocean? Maybe. Writing as my profession? Hardly. Not have a day job? Impossible. But all three at once, plus true love? More than impossible.

I hardly knew I was on the road to creating that dream the day I wrote it down. 

In six days I fly across the world to live on an island in a house by the sea, to reunite with a man who loves me to pieces, and to write as much as I want because it's my profession. 

Dreams coming true. Adventure unfolding. It's strange what happens when impossible dreams stare you right in the face. You kind of feel like running away because of the bigness of it all. 

The other thing is that, in order to move towards a dream, one must move away from something else. 

I'm sad to be moving away from family and leaving my dog behind, but I'm grateful to have the internet to be able to keep up with them and talk over Skype. 

The thing I always tell myself when I'm feeling a bit nervous is that the further I get out of my comfort zone, the bigger it gets. My comfort zone is about to get a whole lot bigger! And there will be new experiences, blog posts with dreamy pictures, and plenty of time to write that novel. The novel written by the sea, just like I always dreamed. 

So stay tuned...

And speaking of impossible dreams, do you have one? Have you written it down? Share it here and let the magic unfold.

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