Friday, November 7, 2008

When it comes out of your face...

You'll understand the title when you watch this short clip. Gary Vaynerchuk talks enthusiastically about doing what you love. I'm all for that. I believe what he says is true, for the most part, but here's the thing...

What if all I want to do is write a book? I don't want to freelance. I don't want to copy write. I don't want to work at a newspaper and write bland, formulaic articles. All I want to do is write a book. How is that going to pay my bills? How am I going to eat for the next 3 years? Yeah, I could go home and tell my boyfriend, "Hey babe, I'm going to quit my corporate job so I can stay home and work on my books. Will you pay my bills and pretty much everything else? That would go over well. So what's a girl like me to do?

For the time being, I am content with juggling the corporate ladder and my dreams. I don't hate my job, and it allows me time to do the things I love, so I can't complain. But I do long for the day when I can leave it all behind and focus on what really drives me - writing. I still won't write newspaper articles, though.

What do you think? Do all these talks about "living your dreams" get on your nerves sometimes?


~Red Tin Heart~ said...

You will find that working and writing actually helps the creative juices flow. I am writing a book too, and have worked on it for a couple of years.
But I am now home all the time and find that people try to take advantage of me because they think I do nothing all day. My sister calls and asks me to bring her lunch. My Mom will ask me to ride with her to Wal-Mart..

When I was working outside the home, I wrote on my lunch hour and my breaks. It seemed more structured.
I am learning how to have structure again though. I am learning to say no.

You will figure it out..

xoxo Nita

Anonymous said...

Maybe once your first book is written, it will be A HIT with English teachers all over the world...and then you WILL be able to stay home and write your other books!!!