Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Aren't people interesting?

When I'm driving home from work and stopped at a light I like to watch the person behind me in line. Sometimes there are those who stare blankly into space or talk on their cell phones, but some are fascinating to watch.

Like the woman who nervously chewed her gum, constantly checked for dirt under her nails, and sipped on her water bottle about every 2 seconds.

Or the 30something guy in an open roof Chevy truck, hair spiked with what I assume to be a gallon of gel. I couldn't tell what he was listening to, but he looked like the classic rock kind of guy. He smoked a fat cigarette and drank chocolate milk.

Then there's the girl whose hair is still bouncy at the end of the day, but she can't help peering into the rear view mirror to check herself out. She applies lip gloss and gives her hair a crunch.


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