Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I long for you even more (A Poem to Beckon Summer)

I imagine us in summer
eating Japanese noodles in
over sized, brightly colored bowls.
We’ll drink strawberry lemonade
and sit on the balcony in our new patio chairs -
watch the stars hang lazily over treetops.
I’ll buy this cute aquamarine lantern
that holds tea candles so we don’t have to sit under
the obnoxious balcony light at night.
We’ll put on retro lounge music -
50s tiki bar, Polynesian dreams.
I can wear cream-colored skirts that flow out at the knee,
light as air and decorated with big, purple blossoms.
I’ll take off my shiny metallic bracelets
and adorn my arms with pukka shells.
No more black polyurethane stilettos,
just bare feet.
Forget the concrete waves
and sidewalk flowers of this city.
Our sleek, dark city hearts
will look to the mountains of summer.
This is how I imagine it to be.

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