Thursday, April 17, 2008

Oh, how the times do change...

I've been thinking today about all the things I love *now* that I hated when I was a teenager. So this is 17 versus 25.

Lace - Lace was too girly. I was never a tomboy, but to immerse myself in something so feminine was an outrage. Lately I have been loving little, white lacy camis.

Flowers - Mostly of the decor nature. Especially bedspreads with flower patterns. I couldn't stand the thought. Now, of course, I own skirts and jewelry and art and...well, I just can't get enough!

Color - How can someone not like color? I didn't hate colorful things, but I prefered darker shades and black was my favorite. I still enjoy black because it goes with everything (makes creating outfits a breeze), but I love all sorts of colorful things even more. Especially pink. That was my least fave at 17.

Wet Seal - Wet Seal is a chain store located in most malls. The clothes are quite girly and full of sparkle and shine and trendiness. I remember walking into a Wet Seal years ago and wanting to vomit. "Not my taste," I told my friend. "Is there a Hot Topic around here?" Oh brother. Eight years later half my closet is filled with things from Wet Seal.

Ballet - WHAT?! I can't imagine a time when I didn't like ballet. But actually, I do remember the first ballet I went to. It was the local civic ballet company performing something holiday-ish (but not Nutcracker). I wore black combat boots and short skirt to the event. (Not so appropriate for a ballet.) I was less than impressed and did not have the desire to dance. It was only a year later that ballet became a passion.

The word "purse" - For some reason I've never been too comfortable with the word. I can say it now and not cringe, but the 17 year old me would've avoided it altogether. "Can you hand me my bag?" I would ask.

"Which one? The backpack, the purse, the makeup bag?"

"You know, the one...the one with all my stuff in it."

Kids - I'm not going to say I love kids and want to have some anytime soon, but there was a time when I made it clear to everyone that I was to never have children. I could hardly even pick one up without feeling weird. Then my step-sister's baby boy came into the picture. He was the cutest thing and well-behaved and I thought, maybe kids aren't so bad. Now I contemplate the idea of having children, which is a huge step up from a sworn babyless life.

Marriage - Nope, not for me at 17. Even at 18 and 19 I pledged to be an independent-I don't need a man-riotgrrl-kind of woman. Yeah, and then I met "the one" at age 20 and started flipping through Modern Bride.

Craft Stores - Countless hours of rummaging through Hobby Lobby or Michael's or some other craft heaven with my mother made me want to fall asleep. I could not comprehend why she loved it so much. Now I know :)

How have your interests changed?

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Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Great list. I can relate on several of the points.
Not so much on the Wet Seal part-- (this body has had 4 kids and there's just no practical way that I'd ever fit into any of those clothes.:)
Purse-- at least it's not a "pocketbook"!!
Craft stores--I was an art major in college and looked down my art major nose at "crafters." Now I spend way too much time and money at Michaels.
Never even wanted to hold a baby at 17, now I have 4 of my own. Couldn't imagine what it would be like without them.
Have a great day~