Tuesday, May 13, 2008

And now for some rambling...

I sent my competition submission off to Writer's Digest today. I don't think I'll be as lucky as I was last time because this time I sent a poem. I couldn't gather enough time or motivation to write a short story. Sad, but true. So I'm not so sure about the chances of a poem winning the grand prize. I think a story would have more of a chance because there's more substance to a story. Know what I mean? I think it'd have to be an amazing poem to win grand prize. I don't mind winning a top place in the poetry category though. I'm just not holding my breath for the $3000.

In other news...I don't like to complain, but when I do complain it will always be about the weather. I come from a desert climate, which suits me just fine. I don't care for rain or clouds or partial clouds, and anything below 90 is cold. Which brings me to Knoxville. It's a lovely place, but it's May and only 75 degrees. My hometown in Texas has already reached 100. You see the shock I'm going through here? I realize I shouldn't be complaining, but I am very cold natured and prone to grumpiness when the sun isn't fully visible. I walk outside and it's not hot. My skin isn't melting off my bones, and that makes me want to kill someone.

Please forgive my ranting.


mermaid musings said...

that's ok.
I don't like extreme weather and i can be VERY cranky and moody so i am happy with 75 degrees ;-)
I love your collage for Hilda very nice! Good luck with your contest entry!

Chrissy Johnson said...

Ooooh honey just wait until July and August...You'll fit in just fine....I know what you mean though, I'm from Ohio and don't like chilly weather....I want to lay on a rock like a lizard!