Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A memory from the future

Well, it is only 2:00 p.m. and I am already hungry again. I only just finished lunch at 1:00. I am happy to have a fast metabolism, but it is a little annoying having a bottomless pit of a stomach.

Speaking of food, I had a strange thought today as I was eating my sour apple jello. Was it sour apple? It was green, but not sour. ANYhow, let me tell you that I eat jello everyday as part of my lunch. Let me also tell you that I only eat jello everyday because I don't know what else to pack. I mean, I pack cookies and crackers and snack type things, but I don't know what else to pack to go with the actual "real" meal. I tried baby carrots, but that got boring. In fact, I'm pretty sure those carrots are still in the fridge. I used to pack the most delicious fresh fruit cups, but when I moved from Florida the new local fruit cups just seemed lacking in comparison to the Florida variety.

Ok, so back to the jello epiphany. I was sitting there eating it and realized that someday, when I'm very old, jello might be all I can eat. I imagined myself in a nursing home sipping jello from a cup and remembering back when I was 25 thinking about this very moment. I imagined myself old and wrinkly and helpless and sick, lying in a bed, eating jello. I lost my appetite shortly after.

Foreshadowing perhaps? I hope not!


mermaid musings said...

i don't like my way of eating either, grrrrrr!!!
i am constantly hungry!
well, if i eat enough protein i am fine, but for some reason crackers (carbs) are so easy to snack in a office job (excuses?)
well, don't! don't think of the jello, now you really depressed me, LOL
something for you in the mail...

Tammie Lee said...

how about an apple dipped in almond butter sprinkled with dried cherries or raisins?! yummy
Sometimes glimpses like you had inspire me to change the way I do things.

murat11 said...

Seems you're not alone in your rememberings...